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Below is the list of additional ArtTours services, price information, and other valuable information for those who plan their art tour visit to St. Petersburg.
Art Shopping
ARTINDEX annual art catalogs present thousands of images of artworks created by talented Russian artists: arts and crafts, photography, interior design, fashion and costume design, architecture. For those who didn't see Artindex catalogs yet, we provide a virtual tour at art-index.org.
contact us for a free consultation with an art specialist who will help you creating an individual art shopping tour
commission an artist of your choice for creating a portrait, a copy of a famous artwork, an icon, a favorite landscape of St.Petersburg, a memorable jewelry piece, etc
let us help you with preparing legal documents for transferring artworks to other countries without unnecessary delay.
read important information about transferring art works from Russia to abroad
Visa support
contact us regarding your visa procedure; start your visa process at least 30 days prior to your arrival for avoiding unnecessary expenses
Transportation services
luxurious cars or mini vans with personal drivers
airport/seaport/train station transfers
trips to the environs of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novgorod and Pskov
you will be accompanied by a professional guide-interpreter (European, Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic languages) during art tours and master classes
all ArtTours guides are selected based on their excellent language skills, art-oriented education, as well as great personality
licenses and high professional level is guaranteed
luxury hotels in the very center of St.Petersburg
cozy and safe mini-hotels and B&Bs
friendly host families: comfortable, clean apartments, high living standards and furnishings
Theater, concerts, and ballet ticket reservation
contact us to make sure you won't miss an important performance; we can also arrange a special spectacle for you, such as watching a rehearsal in famous Russian theaters or going "behind the curtains"
Price Information
Please view our price list for the year 2006. We recommend to contact us as that list does not include all art programs offered by ArtTours. All e-mail price inquiries are answered within 24 hours.

We suggest contacting ArtTours specialists who will help you choosing a certain art program or a master class that will suite your art interests. We will do everything possible to make your visit to St. Petersburg and acquaintance with ArtTours programs the most pleasant, cognitive, and fascinating adventure in the unique art world of St. Petersburg.

We guarantee that already after the very first trip to St. Petersburg you will start feeling more comfortable about your place in this hectic, enigmatic, Slavic-European-Asian mixture of culture and art... just open your heart!


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