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Master classes are offered in the following disciplines:
- pictorial art / painting (portrait, landscape, restoration, icon painting)
- graphics (drawing, illustration)
- sculpture (bronze, stone, wood)
- glass mastery (painting on glass & porcelain, creating stained glass)
- jewelry art (enamel, inlay, filigree)
- lapidary
- mosaics
- performing arts (acting, ballet, music, etc)
Starting in 2006, ArtTours offers master classes in theater design and scenography, taught by a famous theater designer Eduard Kochergin (read more)

Most master classes in visual arts are taught by professors of the Academy of Fine Arts and the Academy of Industrial Art.
No matter what kind of master class is chosen, the program (choice of professor, location, duration, and cost*) should be discussed and approved with an ArtTours representative at least one week prior to the beginning of classes.
The choice of a location for master classes is offered on a first come - first served basis at the following places:
- workshops at the Academy of Fine Arts;
- workshops in Znamenka: former nobleman residence after restoration, in a picturesque location of Peterhof, 40 minutes from the city center; accommodations nearby can be provided for an additional charge;
- directly at the artist workshop (for groups no more than 5 students).
Location, length, and duration of classes will depend on a chosen art field and can run from 5 days to 3 months, from 1 hour to 5 hours a day. Contact ArtTours representative for prices and detailed information.
Master classed do not include the following services, which can be provided for an additional charge:
- accommodations
- interpreter
- transportation of artworks
- transportation to and from master class location
- food and drinks
- art instruments and materials

*model cost for drawing and painting sessions is usually included in the price total; interpreting services are offered for an additional charge.

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