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> Meet artists whose works present interest to you and whose art studios you would like to visit.
> Visit applied arts workshops. Observe masters during their work and try your hand in a certain field.
> Study drawing & painting under the guidance of professors of the Academy of Fine Arts.
> Visit galleries and exhibition halls to get acquainted with artworks of well-known artists of the city.

ArtTours programs offer a variety of tours related to the art field of St.Petersburg. It's not limited to pictorial art only, we offer tours to many crafts workshops, to restoration workshops, to theater rehearsals, to ballet "behind the curtains", and to many other unique and unusual places.

Accompanied by a professional guide you might like visiting famous courtyards described in the novels by Dostoevsky. If you are an admirer of performance arts, you'll be invited to watch a rehearsal at the circus or get behind the curtains of famous theaters. You might also like to see icon masterpieces at many renovated Orthodox cathedrals and churches of the city, as well as visiting restoration workshops where art masters will demonstrate their fine work in recreating Russian icons. For your entertainment we offer troika riding and folklore show. We also recommend visiting unique and unusual museums located right in the city center, such as:

- Art Museum at the Academy of Fine Arts
- Museum at the Mukhina Art College
- Museum of Theater and Music Arts
- Museum at the Vaganova Ballet Academy
- Memorial Museums (Dostoevsky, Pushkin, Akhmatova, Blok...)
- Puppeteers Museum
- Submarine Museum
- Museum of Russian Vodka
- Museum of "Kresty" Prison
- and many other unusual places

It is quite impossible to list all ArtTours programs, so we recommend to contact an ArtTours representative for all your inquiries. Below is just an example of an art tour that usually lasts all day:

Exclusive Art Tour
- professional guide for the whole day
- comfortable car with a personal driver
- dinner at the Art Cafe
- visiting workshops, galleries, and exhibition halls of your choice*
- visiting the Academy of Fine Arts and one city museum of your choice
- discounts for ArtIndex art catalogs (up to 50%)
The variety is endless; you only need to tell us what field of art life you are interested in.

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